Now your personal finance gives you mokafaa points via mobile app

Now you can get mokafaa loyalty points on personal finance via the Alrajhi bank mobile app!



What is mokafaa loyalty program?


mokafaa is even more rewarding now with giveaway points!

It is a loyalty program that allows you to earn points across your bank product portfolio! mokafaa points can be redeemed in-store or online with leading brands, transferred to your friends and family, or used for charity.



How to know if I am eligible for the points or not?

You will automatically receive mokafaa loyalty welcome points after signing your personal finance contract via alrajhi bank app. Please refer to the conditions below to check your eligibility for ARB personal finance products:


  • maximum age of 60 for employees and 70 for retirees. (When paying last installment).
  • Work for an employer pre-approved by the bank.
  • Minimum Salary of 2,000 SAR for Saudi Employees & 1,900 SAR for retirees*.
  • Minimum Salary of 5,000 SAR for Non-Saudis.
  • The points will be credited after 10 days of signing the contract


How do I enroll in mokafaa?


You can simply log-into Alrajhi bank app and navigate to mokafaa section to view and enroll in the program using the same credentials



What is meant by ARP?


It is the discount rate at which the present value of all payments and instalments that are due from the Borrower, representing the Total Amount Payable by the Borrower





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