Reliable and secure payment services

SADAD service provides a centralized system for bill payment services enjoy the confidence and flexibility, through the link between banks and Connected Billers so that gives you the ability to pay your bills and payments through various banking channels at any time.

  1. Al Mubasher Retail (Online Banking)
  2. Al Rajhi applications for smart phones
  3. Al Rajhi Phone
  4. Al Rajhi ATM
  5. Network of bank branches
Frequently Asked Questions:
  • How “SADAD Account” Service works?
    It is a direct payment process where the payment is deducted from the client's account directly upon completion of the purchase, and the amount is deposited in the Merchant's account.
  • Can I register in SADAD Account Service through the bank?
    Yes you can register through the bank's website
  • What are the services provided by SADAD Account for clients?

    The client can perform online payments using the “"SADAD Account".

    The following are the services provided to the clients through their accounts:

    • The ability to query, view and download the list of transactions Request a refund of a certain amount Raise a complaint and follow-up Raise a dispute and track the progress Notifications service from “SADAD Account”