Safty deposit box

Your valuables are in safe hands

Whether jewelry or confidential documents your valuables items are insured with a first-class protection at our safe deposit boxes. Safe deposit boxes are available for rent at our branches across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. *Availability varies from one branch to another

  • Provides you with privacy and security
  • Safe deposit box size varies to meet your needs
  • Competitive prices

Service’s Eligibility:

  1. Customer National ID/ Iqama must be valid
  2. Customer age must be at least 18 years old.
  3. The customer needs to have an active current account at Al-Rajhi Bank.
  4. Agrees on Safety Deposit boxes terms and conditions.

For More Information:

For branches’ availability, please call us at 920003344

Fees and Charges*

Box size 3 Months 6 Months 12 Months
Big 500 1,000 1,600
Medium 400 750 1,300
Small 275 500 800
Replacement key fees 1000

*Fees in Saudi Riyals effective from 1 July 2022, VAT not included.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Safe Deposit Boxes

  • What is a safe deposit box?
    A safe deposit box is a storage facility that allows customers to safe keep valuable or important possessions inside locked box in a secure area in selected Al Rajhi bank branch.
  • What can I store inside a safe deposit box?
    A safe-deposit box is a good place to store anything valuable that you don’t need access to regularly or wouldn’t need suddenly in an emergency e.g. Stamp or coin collections, Jewelry or rare collectibles, gold and silver bars, precious gems and stones, important contracts and business papers.
  • What shouldn’t go in my safe-deposit box?
    you should not store items you might need on short notice or in an emergency e.g. passports, medical directives or durable powers of attorney, Saudi Riyal banknote currency.
  • It necessary to visit the branch prior to end of rental period?
    If a customer wishes to renew their contract, the system will automatically collect due fees. However, if a customer does not wish to renew the contract they must return key/s given at rental, empty the safe deposit box and sign an end of contract form.
  • Can I authorize someone else to access my safe deposit box?
    Yes, but you must visit the branch with the authorized person to sign a delegation of authority form to allow the delegated person access to your safe deposit box.
  • What is the requirement of a person to be authorized to access my safe deposit box?
    The authorized person must maintain an active current account r with Al Rajhi bank. To access the authorized box they must possess the safe deposit key.
  • What time can I access my safe deposit box?
    You may access your safe deposit box at any time during normal working hours.
  • If I lost a key/s what should I do to access my box?
    Visit the branch and report the lost key. The bank will then set an appointment for you to attend when the lock will be broken and replaced.
  • How often should I visit my rented safe deposit box?
    You should visit your rented box at least once a year.