Enjoy shopping more by increasing your daily purchase limit at all point of sales with your
"Al Rajhi Bank mada debit card" up to SR 200,000

Now you may increase or change the daily limit of your Al Rajhi bank mada debit card up to SAR200,000 for purchases on points of sale inside and outside KSA according to the new limits shown in the below table by customer segment, through the bank’s ATM machines.

Type Private Signature Affluent Classic
Purchases - POS SAR 200,000 SAR 200,000 SAR 100,000 SAR 50,000

To change your daily limit through the bank’s ATM machines:

  • Through the main menu, choose (other operations).
  • When secondary menu shows up choose (other operations).
  • Click on (change POS purchase limit) on tertiary menu.

General FAQ :