Real Estate Buyout

Real Estate Buyout Product

Al Rajhi Bank now offers a real estate buyout product with much more features and benefits.

The Real Estate Buyout Product allows customers to transfer their real estate debts from any real estate financier inside the Kingdom in a Sharia-compliant manner (Murabaha).

Compliant with Islamic Sharia:

All our programs are assessed and approved by the Sharia Board of Al Rajhi Bank.


  • Competitive profit margin
  • Low monthly installments
  • Annual percentage rate starting from 3.86%
  • No down payment
  • Financing period of up to 35 years

How to Apply

  • Am I Eligible

Terms and Conditions:

  • Salary transfer.
  • Customer's salary should be at least 3,500 SAR.
  • The real estate contract based in the form of leasing.
  • Registering the ownership of the property in the name of the client.


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