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Whether you want to own a ready apartment or villa, an Islamic bank loan for a house, or you see an opportunity in buying a piece of land, or you need to build your own home, we have the right home finance solution for you.​

Al Rajhi Bank offers you the best comprehensive mortgage financing and Islamic housing loans in Saudi Arabia.

Our Shariah compliant home financing is tailored to meet all your needs, whatever they are. We also help you invest in a property that yields revenue, such as a residential building.

The advantages of mortgage home finance from Al Rajhi Bank:

  • Shariah compliant
  • Amount of funding is up to 30 years
  • We offer you the best ways to pay
  • Reduced financing fees
  • Your application will be approved within 30 minutes if your salary is transferred to your account with us

Terms of mortgage home finance from Al Rajhi Bank:

  • It is essential that the entity you work for is accredited by Al Rajhi Bank
  • If the entity you work for is not accredited by us, you should provide us with the name of the entity and its contact information
  • You must transfer your salary to an account at Al Rajhi Bank
  • Your age should not exceed the retirement age

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Buy a ready apartment or villa.
Finance upto 20 or 30 years.

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