Al Rajhi Bank Testimonials

Noura Faisal Al Shaabaan

Education: BA Public Relations and Media – Training trainers and the foundations of supervising – A certificate of completion of the small enterprises from the United Nations Industrial Development Organization UNIDO

Current job: CEO of Creative Events Company – Human Resources Development trainer in building and refining the skill of professional competence of the university educated and above.

Time in this field: 10 years

The beginning and my motivation My story is one that talks about the power and energy of women as an untapped resource…well until now that is.

From this point I embarked on journey to fulfill my identity and my dreams to move forward and grow.

My name is Noura Faisal Al Shaabaan and I have a BA in Public Relations and Media, as well as training under various different foundations and supervisory institutes.

I started my work more than 10 years ago. I looked around me with fresh eyes that assessed the real status of Saudi women and took my first steps. I started looking for the places women flocked to after work or university. Unfortunately I found it to be either the malls or they went on visits and to gatherings… I don’t deny that these things are a beneficial part of life, however, I hoped we were ambitious, leaders in excellence because we were, and still are, a great untapped resource, one our country hasn’t yet utilized…

Around this time, I was invited to an evening of poetry reading in the region, which was dedicated to women. I asked to read out a paragraph as part of the evening program; I called it “creative women of my country”.

I told the 350 women and young girls attending that the stage was open to anyone who wanted to share her creativity, or talent whether by telling a story, reading a poem, or defining something using a special skill. Initially the idea of participating gave off an atmosphere filled with fear, caution and hesitation; but, after a few of the women volunteered, I noticed a lot of interest and full support from everyone.

From this moment, I created a classified database of their names and phone numbers and began planning to make this event the “first creativity forum”. Soon enough, this Innovation Event Women’s Caucus, became an annual event, one offering a platform for women for the exchange of knowledge and experiences in the Arabian Gulf region. I didn’t stop here; actually I hurried to further my training under the supervision of the management of the Educational Supervisory in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. I didn’t limit myself and in fact looked at different facilities that covered a variety of topics in identity building, self-management and self-development, how to achieve objectives, self-motivation, the art of leadership and the public relations industry as a whole. Up to now, I trained over 8000 people in Saudi, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan, the United Kingdom and Ireland, and it has been very satisfying.

The 5 basic skills on which my success was built are: thinking, planning, implementing, evaluating and development. When these skills are combined with ambition, determination to overcome obstacles, self-improvement, excellence and innovation, you’ll find yourself going at a steady pace towards achieving your goals.

I myself went through a lot of obstacles and numerous difficulties to get to where I want to be. I learned how to persevere, to not allow anyone to plan my future for me, and to never give up. I consider myself to have failed because failure to me is a learning stage, one where you discover new things about yourself. So I think anyone in a failing situation should take advantage of it to learn more about themselves, about the situation and use it as a tool to avoid similar situations in the future. Use it to get right back into the work market with renewed energy and strength. This is how I turned to God first and then named my obstacles and planned a strategy to get rid of each one after the other with the support of my family, whom I continuously had to convince of my skills and strengths.

And so I carved my way to success and made sure to do so seriously, with passion and excitement, never forgetting about the importance of life. I looked up to those who were experts in success and learned from their own experiences, using their advice to move forward with distinction.

On another front, it is important to note that distinction is not complete without working for the goodness of the community, with the idea of raising the standard of living for those whose life you touch and effecting a better tomorrow. And so I can do nothing less at this moment than acknowledge the role of Al Rajhi Bank in my career since it helped raise my standard of living. As I mentioned earlier, you always need the support and advice of those with experience and knowledge. And in reality, Al Rajhi Bank had an exceptional influence on my path to success as it made all my dealings and transactions within and outside the Kingdom so much easier. It was my travel companion and my partner in my most difficult jobs as it took care of deposits, transfers, due bill payments that I could not deal with due to my busy schedule and lack of free time.

Seriously I’m really glad for Al Rajhi’s advancements and development because it had a big part in contributing to my success in any geographical location I found my self in around the world allowing to always do my job in peace. That’s why there is a familial and special relationship between Al Rajhi Bank and I, I felt like they care about me and they were always so passionate to serve all their customers.

Though this is the end of my story here, it is not the end of my success or my personal development in my lifestory. I look forward to reading about your successes, my dearest Saudi women, just as you are reading about mine right now. I hope you will have the chance to participate in the 8th Annual Creativity Forum that my team and I are currently preparing for. We are also in the process of creating a future work plan to train and develop the largest number of individuals in the world where I was invited to train Arab ladies and the Saudi women who are studying on a scholarship in Canada and the U.S.. These are my current plans for future success and I hope your own projects and plans meet with great success and God’s blessings…