Al Rajhi ATM and Point Of Sale (POS)

We have the largest network of ATMs and Point of Sale machines available across the Kingdom. 

ASRAA - Self Servicing Machine, Servicing customers 24/7

Al Rajhi Bank introduces a one-of-a-kind Smart Booth with innovative solutions for all your banking operations and transactions.


What You Can Do Through the Self Servicing Machine:

  • Renew card using the old card
  • Print a replacement card or new customer using the fingerprint technology
  • Print instant checkbook
  • Print 6-month account statement
  • Print IBAN number or send a mobile text message containing the IBAN number
  • Bill payment services
  • Transfer between accounts and all transactions available on ATM except cash withdrawals and deposits
  • Update the ID / Iqama expiry date

ATM Banking

Al Rajhi Bank ATM’s network is the largest in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  With more than 4,100 ATMs spread across the country, you can rest assured that you can withdraw cash and do your banking transactions anytime, anywhere.

What You Can Do Through the ATM

  • Withdraw cash in Saudi Riyal or in US Dollar*
  • Deposit cash and cheques **
  •  Enquire about your account balance, or the remaining balance of your current financing, and your credit cards balance
  • Pay your utility bills (telephone, mobile phone, electricity, and water)
  • Pay government fees (passport services, civil services, and traffic)
  • Transfer money to Al Rajhi Bank accounts, local banks accounts, and international bank accounts
  • Subscribe to IPO and sell IPO stocks
  • Update your mobile number
  • Change your debit card PIN
  • Buy prepaid cards (Internet cards, phone cards, etc…)

* Through a selected number of ATMs at airports and hospitals

** At a number of designated Cash Deposit ATMs.

How You Can Register

Your debit card is automatically activated just 24 hours after you receive it, without the need for any registration.