Al Rajhi ATM and Point Of Sale (POS)

We have the largest network of ATMs and Point of Sale machines available across the Kingdom. 

ASRAA - Self Servicing Machine, Servicing customers 24/7

Al Rajhi Bank introduces a one-of-a-kind Smart Booth with innovative solutions for all your banking operations and transactions.


What You Can Do Through the Self Servicing Machine:

  • Renew card using the old card
  • Print a replacement card or new customer using the fingerprint technology
  • Print instant checkbook
  • Print 6-month account statement
  • Print IBAN number or send a mobile text message containing the IBAN number
  • Bill payment services
  • Transfer between accounts and all transactions available on ATM except cash withdrawals and deposits
  • Update the ID / Iqama expiry date

Where to find Self Servicing Machine

Region Branch code Branch Name
Riyadh Alsulaymaniyah  Branch  203
Riyadh Hayat Mall Branch  536
Riyadh Al Worood Branch  344
Riyadh Al Aqiq Branch  497
Riyadh Al Mazraah Branch  446
Riyadh Shobra Branch  369
Riyadh Eshbiliah Branch  530
Riyadh Othman Bin Affan Branch  454
Riyadh Al Faihaa Branch  528
Riyadh Al Saadah Branch  392
Riyadh Al Aziziah Branch  331
Riyadh Almansoura Branch  510
Riyadh Swedi Branch 448
Riyadh Alnaseem Branch  165
Riyadh King Faisal Specialist Hopital Branch  114
Riyadh Head Office Branch  500
Riyadh Hijaz Road Br 140
Riyadh Alsalam Branch 449
Riyadh King Khalid Inter. Airport Branch  173
Riyadh Arqah Branch  389
Riyadh Al Zahrah Branch  537
Riyadh Tahliah Silah Branch  690
Riyadh Dhahret Al Badieaah Branch  282
Riyadh Hassan Bin Thabit Branch  473
Riyadh Sultanah Branch 195
Riyadh Aswaq Alnaseem Branch  343
Riyadh Al-Ghadeer Branch  501
Riyadh Mushrifa Branch 211
Riyadh Al-Sahafa Branch 511
Riyadh Hai Bader Branch  390
Riyadh Sahafah Orchid Silah Branch 274
Riyadh Al Oraijah Branch  564
Riyadh Kkia Terminal 5 Branch  691
Riyadh Rabwa Branch  296
Riyadh Dabab Street Branch 368
Riyadh Al Nasariyah Branch  131
Riyadh Airport Branch  173
Riyadh Central Hospital Branch  159
Riyadh King Faisal Specialist Hospital Branch  114
Riyadh Al Nahdah Branch 558
Riyadh Naseem Show Room Branch  573
Riyadh Hai Namar Branch 647
Riyadh Dhahiat Laban Branch 597
Riyadh Al Suleel Branch 245
Riyadh Al Rajhi Bank 500
Riyadh Shifa Branch 216
Riyadh Al Rayan Branch 521
Abha Al Heef Branch 559
Abha Al-Dhabab Branch 347
Abha Shamsan Branch 461
Abha Mansak Branch  532
Abha Silah Branch 982
Abha Al Rabea Branch 543
Abha Abha Branch 110
Abu Aresh Abu Aresh Branch 225
Al Aflaj Al Aflaj Branch 142
Al Ardah Al-Ardah Branch 519
Al Asyah Al Asyah Branch 238
Al Baha Akik Branch 541
Al Jouf Al Jouf Al Sinaeah Branch 554
Al Jouf Al Zuhor Branch Sakaka 680
Al Jubail Al Jubail Branch 146
Al Kharj Al Kharj Branch 129
Al Kharj Al Qaeda Road Branch 305
Al Mobaraz Al Mobaraz Branch 210
Al Ola Al Ola Branch 208
Al Quwaiyah Al Quwaiyah Branch  147
Al Rass Al Hazm Al Rass Branch  280
Al Rass King Abdulazeez St Branch  499
Al Wajh Al Wajh Branch 171
Al-Bada'E Al-Bada'E Branch  167
Al-Bekeriyah Al-Bekeriyah Branch  134
Alkhubar Gawharat Al Hadah Branch  514
Al-Noyaimah Al-Noyaimah Branch  423
Arar Silah Othaim Mall Branch  687
Ardiah Ardiah Branch 534
Bahrat Al Mujahideen Bahrat Al Mujahideen Branch  322
Baqaa Baqaa Branch 290
Bashair Bashair Branch 520
Bisha Bisha Branch 130
Buraidah Al Khobaib Branch  108
Buraidah Salmiah Branch 418
Buraidah Al Senaah Buraidah Branch  252
Buraidah Al Rayan Branch  495
Buraidah Aswaq Makkah Branch 407
Buridah Hai Meshal Branch  517
Buridah Qubba Branch 439
Buridah Ali Bin Ali Talib Branch  663
Dahran Al Dana Branch  555
Dammam Al Khalij Branch  508
Dammam Prince Naif Branch  300
Dammam Mokhatat 91 Branch  365
Dammam Al Jameeien Branch  503
Dammam Atubishi Branch  509
Dammam Hamra Branch 512
Dammam Al Nada Branch  649
Dammam Al Faisalyah Branch  513
Dammam Dammam Main St Branch 104
Dammam Maardh Al Dammam Branch 586
Dammam King Fahad Airport Branch  184
Dammam Silah Othaim Mall Branch  981
Dawadmi Al Dawadmi Branch 115
Dawadmi King Abdulaziz Branch  522
Dhahran Dhahran Janoub Branch  220
Dowmat Jandal Domat Al Jundal Branch  213
Ehsa King Fahad Hospital Branch  277
Ehsa Al Shehabiah Branch  515
Ehsa Al Mazroiya Branch  308
Habona Habona Branch 476
Hafr Al Baten Al-Satteen Branch  496
Hafr Al Baten Aqaria Branch  455
Hafr Al Baten Hafr Al-Batin Branch  136
Hail Barzan Branch  258
Hail Qaseem Road Branch  420
Hail Thalateen Branch  516
Hail Hail Branch  118
Hail Al Ghazala Branch  484
Hail Torbat Al- Shamal  Branch  339
Hail Sadyian Branch 456
Hariq Al Hariq Branch 309
Hotat Bani Tamim Hotat Bani Tamim Branch  144
Ihsa Silah Othaim Mall Branch  642
Ihsa Mahasen Branch  428
Jeddah Al Rawabi Branch  502
Jeddah Al Arbaeen Branch  376
Jeddah Al Makaroona Branch  320
Jeddah Souk Okaz Branch 453
Jeddah Al Rowais Branch  206
Jeddah Sulaymaniya Branch  538
Jeddah Al Bawadi Branch 451
Jeddah Herra Street Branch 425
Jeddah Silah Auto Mall Branch  693
Jeddah Kilo 14 Branch  378
Jeddah Al Mahajar Branch 163
Jeddah Bin Laden Branch 189
Jeddah Prince Sultan Street 544
Jeddah Al Rihab Branch 471
Jeddah Khaldiah Branch 358
Jeddah Thagr Branch 525
Jeddah Prince Majed Branch  529
Jeddah Rabwa Quarter Branch  533
Jeddah Al Sanabil Branch 618
Jeddah Al Samer Branch 463
Jeddah Nozha Branch 445
Jeddah Al Basateen Branch 648
Jizan Jizan Branch  119
Jizan Al Qahma Branch  535
Jizan Al Safa Branch  566
Jizan Damad Branch  518
K Mushait Khamis Mushait 107
Khafji Al-Khafji Branch 187
Khamis Mushait Noman Branch 523
Khamis Mushait Sharafiya Branch  542
Khamis Mushait Madina Askaria Branch  209
Khayber Khayber Branch 248
Khubar Bayoniyah Branch  531
Khubar Anak Branch  393
Khubar Al Doha Branch 375
Khubar Agrabiah Branch  301
Khubar Al Rakkah Branch  527
Khubar Aziziyah Branch  567
Madinah Madinah Hospital Branch  294
Madinah Madinah Airport Branch  198
Madinah Al Harrah Al-Sharqia Branch  364
Madinah Al Aziziah Madinah Branch  351
Madinah Al Manakha Branch  105
Mahayel Mahayel Aseer Branch  239
Majmaah Al Majma'A Branch  138
Majmaah Jazirah Branch  545
Makkah Al Shubaika Branch 262
Makkah Jabal Al Nour Branch  379
Makkah Kaakiah Branch  550
Makkah Um Al Kurra Branch  458
Makkah Abdullah Areef Branch  443
Makkah Al Shawqia Silah Branch  259
Makkah Makkah Commercial Center Branch  424
Makkah Almasfalla Branch 330
Mekhwah Mekhwah Branch 337
Najran Al Faisaliah Branch  205
Najran Harajah Branch 560
Ohud Refaydah Ohud Refaydah Branch  447
Onaizah Al-Ashrafia Branch  372
Onayza Al Rayyan Branch 565
Rafha Rafha Branch  169
Rafha Jumaimah Branch 679
Rain Al Rain Branch 421
Ranya Ranya Branch 181
Sabya Sabiyah Branch  221
Sarat Abeedah Sarat Abeedah Branch  249
Tabarjal Tabarjal Branch 250
Tabouk Maharajan  Branch  202
Tabouk Tabouk Branch 109
Tabouk Al Murrouj Branch  547
Tabouk Tabuk Military City - Silah Branch 985
Taif Prince Muteb Branch  526
Taif Al Shohada Branch  199
Taif Cd-Al Hawiyah Branch  326
Taif Azizia Branch Branch  112
Taif Taif Airport Branch  658
Thadik Thadik Branch 285
Wadi Dawaser Wadi Dawaser Branch  135
Yanbu Yanbu Branch 150
Zulfi King Fahad Branch  498

ATM Banking

Al Rajhi Bank ATM’s network is the largest in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  With more than 4,100 ATMs spread across the country, you can rest assured that you can withdraw cash and do your banking transactions anytime, anywhere.

What You Can Do Through the ATM

  • Withdraw cash in Saudi Riyal or in US Dollar*
  • Deposit cash and cheques **
  •  Enquire about your account balance, or the remaining balance of your current financing, and your credit cards balance
  • Pay your utility bills (telephone, mobile phone, electricity, and water)
  • Pay government fees (passport services, civil services, and traffic)
  • Transfer money to Al Rajhi Bank accounts, local banks accounts, and international bank accounts
  • Subscribe to IPO and sell IPO stocks
  • Update your mobile number
  • Change your debit card PIN
  • Buy prepaid cards (Internet cards, phone cards, etc…)

* Through a selected number of ATMs at airports and hospitals

** At a number of designated Cash Deposit ATMs.

How You Can Register

Your debit card is automatically activated just 24 hours after you receive it, without the need for any registration.