In this section of easy banking you will find useful tips for banking safely and securely, financial planning and other useful banking tips.

    Online Security

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    Internet banking has its own unique benefits, but these days you can easily be a victim of criminal’s scams, if you are not vigilant about online banking.

    Here Al Rajhi Bank teaches you about online threats and how to protect yourselves against them.

    Fraud awareness

    As part of our ongoing commitment to easier and safer banking, we would like to remind you that: You should not, under any circumstances, give out your bank password or one-time password (SMS OTP) to anyone. Kindly note that Al Rajhi Bank would never request this information by contacting you via telephone, SMS or e-mails.

    In addition, be aware of the following:

    • Never accept instructions or directions to visit an ATM or log onto online banking (Al Mubasher) from anyone
    • Never disclose your password or one-time password (OTP) to callers
    • Required updates to banking details should be done exclusively by you through an Al Rajhi Bank branch, online banking and/or telephone banking
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