Verify your personal information for free to register on MOI eService

MOI eService gate Provide an electronic channel enables the Saudi and/or expats (after verification of identity through Al Rajhi Bank ) to access and manager the MOI services related to Passports department, and the Agency for Civil Affairs and the General Traffic Department.

Now you can verify your personal information through Al Rajhi Bank to complete the registration process in the MOI e-services portal of the Ministry of Interior with ease. The verification is for free and can be done through:

Phone Banking*

  • Call the phone banking number 920003344
  • Enter the user name & Password, then select option number 5
  • Then, select the option number 4


  • From the main menu, select “other operations”
  • Then, select “MOI e-service registration”
  • Verify your information before you complete the registration

  • * After completing the verification, your subscription information will be sent to your mobile within 2 working days


  • Easy steps to register through Phone banking and /or Al Rajhi ATM
  • No need to visit the nearest activation office for MOI as the bank will verify your information


This service is available to Al Rajhi Bank customers for free, all what you need is register on the Phone Banking or having an active debit card.

If you are not registered on the Phone banking, Call the number (+966) 92000 33 44 and follow the easy instructions. All you need is a valid Al Rajhi Bank ATM card.

To know the nearest ATM, please click here