What is SADAD Account Service?

SADAD System offers a SADAD Account service to consumers to make purchases online via e-Commerce merchant websites and apps. Consumers can purchase online using a light account through Saudi banks.


  • Increased revenues from electronic channels targeting digital-friendly consumer segments
  • Lower costs for paper, IT systems and staff as a result of service delivery through online channel
  • Reduced working capital requirements due to faster collection of bill payments
  • Simple, streamlined, and cost-effective onboarding mechanism


For Consumer:

  • Registration
  • Profile Management
  • Account Transfer
  • Payment / Refund
  • Dispute
  • Service Support

For Merchants:

  • Merchants Portal
  • Refund
  • Dispute
  • Service Support

How to register in SADAD Account Service

  • Log in to Al Mubasher for Retail homepage, select SADAD from “Payments” in the main list
  • Click on SADAD account
  • Click on register with SADAD account
  • Select user name for SADAD account and accept the terms and conditions. Then click Continue
  • Confirm registration information, and click Continue
  • Select a password for the SADAD account
  • Select the default account and click Continue
  • Enter the binary verification standard, and click Next
  • You have successfully registered

Video: How to register in SADAD Account service