​​The all-new “Al Rajhi” App

Easy, fast and fully developed banking solutions

In line with the bank’s strategy to become the leader in digital banking and to offer a unique experience to its customers, we are pleased to announce the launch of new Al Rajhi App, With an improved interface and a state-of-the-art design, Al Rajhi app provides you with a customized personal banking experience, to manage all your banking operations anytime, anywhere… with just a simple touch.

In addition to a wide variety of services and products you can benefit from, without the need to visit the branch, you can shop via the Al Rajhi app eMarket and get personal financing in a matter of seconds.

Enjoy some of the most important features, including:

  • Enhanced app performance
  • New and user-friendly design with a customized user interface through light or dark modes
  • Adding a beneficiary is now easier via QR code
  • Instant financing through the app without the need to visit the branch
  • Request and manage Al Rajhi cards
  • Latest offers and update notifications
  • Manage and settle bills in addition to one-time bill payments
  • Standing orders for payments and remittances
  • Easily manage cards

A bundle of services awaits! Start a one-of-a-kind banking journey that will lead you to discover new and improved features.

Download the new Al Rajhi Mobile app for an enhanced experience:

Mubasher App – New Version Mubasher App – New Version

  • Key features :

    1. Improved app performance.

    Throughout entire app, the response of the app changed. You can now perform your transaction quickly & smoothly.

    2. Improved app design and enhanced user experience.

    The new app comes with world class user experience and improved design. Enjoy easy & clear banking.

    3. One-time bill payment

    No more need to add your bills before making the payment. You can now pay your bill immediately using one-time bill payment option

    4. Schedule SADAD payments

    Bill payment is now easier with scheduling option. You can now make monthly payments for the due amount of your bills with specifying the maximum amount to pay.

    5. Apply directly for Credit Card

    No need to wait in a queue at the branch. Apply for your preferred credit card using the app

    6. Push Notifications.

    Receive updates and offers directly from the bank as push notifications.

    7. Geo-Location Push Notifications

    You will receive special targeted push notification for offers & updates based on your current location.

    8. View offers matching your needs.

    You will be notified within the app with the new bank offers that match your needs

    9. Change your debit card daily POS limit.

    Increase your purchasing power easily & instantly . Your debit card POS limit can be changed now simply using the new application.

  • Security tips


    • Use strong Password / PIN to protect your mobile phone, password should not contain personal information.
    • Only Download and install Al-Rajhi Bank Mobile Banking Software for Android and IOS from trusted sources (Google play , Apple Store ) and not from third party site .
    • Your Android Mobile needs to be configured with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 128 bits as per the minimum security requirement.
    • Always Sign-Out Online Banking session properly when you've finished using it.
    • Set your screen time-out to lock after 1 or 2 minutes. This ensures that if someone picks up your phone they can’t access your data.
    • Observe the padlock symbol on the bar of the browser to ensure that the Al-Rajhi Bank site is running in secure mode.
    • Make sure you regularly check in with Google for new mobile security updates regarding the latest patches and hotfixes available.
    • Download reputable anti-virus software to protect your phone from internet viruses, malware and unlicensed third-party apps that can steal your identity, and keep it updated by latest Antivirus definition.
    • Read Application / Software privacy policy to be aware of what it is doing with your private information.
    • Make sure to clear out all information on your phone before discarding it.
    • Beware of people standing over your shoulder viewing everything that you are typing or doing on your device.
    • Call Al-Rajhi Bank Customer Service immediately in case your mobile is stolen or compromised to protect your account information


    • Beware of everything you download onto your smartphone, don’t install or download unnecessary software / tools on your mobile, this can compromise the account information residing on your mobile.
    • Do not store any account related information (Username, Account Number, PIN) on your mobile phone, in case of mobile lost or stolen, your account information is safe.
    • Do not send your personal information or online banking credentials via e-mail or text, as both are easy to intercept.
    • Never give your PIN or confidential information over the phone or internet, and never share these details with anyone.
    • Don't open every SMS / MMS/ email attachment as it may contain viruses, especially from unknown sources.
    • Don’t download or install bulk SMS or message forwarder software, and Delete text messages from Al-Rajhi Bank once you have read them.
    • Don’t use unsecured Bluetooth or Wi-Fi (wireless) networks either public or private, someone may access your confidential data/information, when using a shared network, make sure it is reputable and password protected.
    • Don't accept email or click on links embedded in emails/social networking sites claiming to be from Al-Rajhi bank or representing the bank.
    • Don’t share your account information (Username, Account Number,…) with others, not even to a Bank employee, this might compromise your account.
    • Be careful about the websites you are browsing, if it does not look authentic, do not download anything from it.