Family Protection

Plan for their future

The purpose of term life insurance is simple, to make sure that your kids or other people who depend on you for financial support are taken care of in the unlikely event of your death.

  1. Lump sum payment upon death or total disability
  2. Provides funds for unexpected costs
  3. Protects families from financial hardship

How To Apply

Please apply for Al Rajhi Insurance via one of the following options



Terms and Conditions

  • Shariah complaints

    All of our programs are approved and monitored by Al Rajhi Bank's insurance Shariah Board.

  • Flexible

    All of our programs are open to customers between 18 and 59 years old, and allow you to determine your beneficiary.

  • Tailor made

    All of our programs ar tailored to you and your family's circumstances, letting you decide the desired cover amount and/or duration.