Medical insurance

Health Insurance

For Non Saudi Individuals only as Class C

About Health Insurance

  • Health Insurance is an Islamic insurance based on the principle of cooperation between a group of individuals facing coherent risks and sharing collectively the same consequences.
  • Al Rajhi contract is characterized by be​ing free of the “Gharar” concept, which is prohibited by Shariah.
  • With Health Insurance, the company’s role is exclusively based on managing the business related to it. However, with conventional insurance, the company also guarantees all the obligations resulting from insurance.
  • Takaful Company, in all its treatments, abides by the Islamic Shariah under the supervision of a legitimate jury of elite Shariah scholars.

Why Health Insurance

No one can escape the risk of an accident or a sudden health condition that may occur at anytime, God Forbid. In such cases, you find no choice but to go to any near health care unit to get the treatment you need. In case you don’t have Health Insurance that enables you to cover the costs of your treatments or of your beloved ones, the situation becomes difficult and financially tiring.

To avoid such situations, Al Rajhi Takaful, based on the Islamic concept of taking the reasons into consideration, offers you “Health Insurance” Program. This program is tailored to become the most flexible alternative to cater to your insurance needs and the best product in terms of qualitative medical service offered to grant you peace of mind.

Coverage Options

Terms and Conditions

  • Islamic Principles

    Focuses on the Islamic principle of cooperation between members of the community who participate in bearing the financial repercussions resulting from risk or danger.

  • Benefits

    Information management systems to track the status of your vehicle

    • Diverse and reliable repair alternatives
    • Full cover limit for third parties liability in Saudi Arabia, up to SAR 10 million 
    • Includes accidents involving insured vehicle when the driver is not in the vehicle
  • Personalization

    Upgrade your base policy with the following options, at an extra cost:

    • Include an additional driver
    • Extend damages cover to GCC countries (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE)

Motor Insurance Plans

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Motor Insurance Plan
Third Party Liability Cover

Benefit Package i Wafi Essential Packge ii Smart Extra Package iii Smart Extra Plus Coverage
Third Party Liability Up to 10 Mil Riyals
Emergeny Medical Expenses Up to 250 Riyals
No Claims Discounts Up to 10%
Early Renewal Discount Up to 2.5%
Multi Vehicle Discount Up to 10%
Personal Accident for Driver and Passenger(s) Up to 100,000 Riyals per person
Roadside Assistance Towing and Battery Charge
Fire - Theft - Broken Windscreen Maximum insurance amount or market value

Comprehensive Cover

Benefit Package i Smart Essential Packge ii Smart Extra Package iii Smart Extra Plus Coverage
Third Party Liability Up to 10 Mil Riyals
Emergeny Medical Expense Up to 1000 riyals
No Claims Discounts Up to 10%
Early Renewal Discount Up to 2.5%
Multi Vehicle Discount Up to 10%
Fire - Theft - Broken Windscreen Up to 100,000 Riyals per person
Agency repairs for insured vehicles Optional Optional Optional Maximum sum insured or market value
Extension for agency repairs Up to 5 years
Flexi Deductible 50% discount on renewal with no claims
No Deductible on Spare Parts Up to 5 years
Waiver of depreciation clause (new vehicles) Applied on the compensation for total loss of vehicle < 12 months old
Personal accidents for driver and passengers Up to 100,000 Riyals per person
Roadside assistance Towing or Battery Charge
Extension of geographical limit For GCC Countries
Natural perils Flood
Vehicle rental Up to 1% insurance amount not to exceed 1500 Riyals

Standard Exclusions of the Motor Insurance
Comprehensive Plan (Non-exhaustive)

  • Standard exclusions
    • Death or bodily injury to participants, drivers, and family members
    • Death, bodily injury or damages that are due to the loading or unloading of vehicle and/or cargo
    • Any legal liability or expenses arising or relating to increase of carriage and/or excess of stress and/or if the carriage is not fixed well on the vehicle in a way breaching the law and/or exceeding the legal number of passengers permitted by law
    • Geographical areas outside the scope of this policy
    • Violations of traffic laws, i.e. speeding
    • Undeclared and unaccepted accessories
    • Wear and tear (aging and consumption)

How To Apply

Please apply for Insurance via one of the following options