Motor Insurance

Total Coverage

Driving a vehicle exposes us to many traffic hazards. Accidents can occur at any moment, no matter how careful we are. Our Takaful Agency offers customers a range of Vehicle Insurance programs.

  1. Instant cover
  2. Protects against financial loss
  3. Fast & fair claims
  4. 24/7 claims assistance

Standard Exclusions of the Motor Insurance
Comprehensive Plan (Non-exhaustive)

  • Standard exclusions
    • Death or bodily injury to participants, drivers, and family members
    • Death, bodily injury or damages that are due to the loading or unloading of vehicle and/or cargo
    • Any legal liability or expenses arising or relating to increase of carriage and/or excess of stress and/or if the carriage is not fixed well on the vehicle in a way breaching the law and/or exceeding the legal number of passengers permitted by law
    • Geographical areas outside the scope of this policy
    • Violations of traffic laws, i.e. speeding
    • Undeclared and unaccepted accessories
    • Wear and tear (aging and consumption)

How To Apply

Please apply for Insurance via one of the following options