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  • Eligibility & Criteria
  • Doctors

Eligibility & Criteria

  • Minimum Salary Starting from SAR 2,000 (SAR 1,900 for retirees)
  • Maximum Customer Age: Civilians: 60 or retirement age (which ever comes earlier)Retirees: 65 Military: subject to their rank retirement age

Required Documents


  • Duly Filled Application form
  • Copy of Valid ID for Saudi National and Passport copy with valid IQAMA for Expats
  • Employment letter





Eligibility & Criteria

  • Saudi National
  • Saudi National

Required Documents

  • Saudi Passport or National ID Card
  • Saudi Iqama for expatriates
  • Application Form if applying at the branch
Frequently Asked Questions:
SME Account
  • What is Al-Rajhi individual current account?

    It is an account opened in accordance with Islamic Sharia rules. This account allows you to issue cheques, deposit cash, and fulfill all day-to-day transactions.

  • What are the required documents to open the individual current account with Al Rajhi Bank?

    A filled out account opening application.
    Copy of a valid national ID document – our staff will verify the same against the original.

  • To whom it is offered?

    Saudi nationals who are at least 15 years old and holding a valid ID card.
    GCC citizens who are at least 18 years old, holding a valid passport, and providing a proof of address in the Kingdom.
    Expatriates who are at least 18 years and holding a valid residency permit (Iqama).

Fees & Charges

Annual Membership

SAR 500

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Lowest Profit Rate 1% Per Month or 11.57% Yearly
Late Payment Low Fees
Cash Withdrawal SAR 75
Additional Fees on non-Saudi Riyal/ International Transactions 2.75%
Additional Card Fees 1 free additional card, SAR 125 for each additional after that
Additional Fees on non-Saudi Riyal/ International Transactions 2.75%
Reissue card SAR 50
Electronic or Paper Monthly Statement 6 Month: SAR 50 More than 6 Months: SAR 100
Copy of Purchase Receipt SAR 150
monthly Minimum Payment 5% of the total due or SAR 100, whichever is higher
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