Kafalah Program

The small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are usually unable, in most of its financial transactions with banks, to provide the sufficient guarantees in order to get the desired funding despite its economic feasibility. Therefore, Kafalah Program has been established with the support of the Ministry of Finance and banks operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; which its management was assigned to the Saudi Industrial Development Fund. The Program guarantees to the banks a proportion of the funding granted to the SMEs – for the purpose of enabling such enterprises to get the funding from the banks, as well as encouraging and urging the banks to fund such enterprises after verifying its economic feasibility.

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  • Program’s Objectives
  • Activities Guaranteed by the Program
  • Activities Not Guaranteed by the Program
  • Conditions to be met in the guaranteed activity
  • Funding Purpose
  • Kafalah Minimum Limit
  • Kafalah Maximum Limit
  • Funding Maximum Limit
  • Funding Minimum Limit
  • Kafalah Duration
  • The Funding Form Adopted by the Program
  • Procedures of Issuing the Kafalah
  • Documents Required to Issue the Kafalah
  • Questions and answers of some inquiries that the owners of the SMEs may need to be clarified