What products can you get for your business?

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide SMEs with the right products, we have developed a number of Islamic products in accordance with both international standards and Sharia requirements


  • Trade Financing Products
  • Invoice Financing Product
  • Project Financing Product
  • Auto Financing Product
  • Real Estate Income Financing Product
  • Real Estate Purchase Financing Product
  • WCF & activity expansion financing product
  • KAFALAH Program financing product
  • International Currencies purchase product (FX)

Trade Finance

  • Export/Import Document Collections
  • Import/Export LC
  • Letters of Guarantee
  • Musharaka / Murabaha LC

Cash Management

  • Cash Collection
  • Payroll / Payroll cards
  • Al Mubasher E-Corporate
  • Dividend Distribution
  • Point of Sale
  • Direct Debits
  • Positive Pay Cheque
  • Alerts
  • Token Devices

How to get in touch / apply?

If you are interested or require more information about our SME products and services please send an eMail to SME.Xsell@alrajhibank.com.sa or call us on number 920004550 to respond to all inquiries related SME.