Press Releases | 05/10/2022

Abdullah Al Rajhi: alrajhi bank will contribute 13.5 million riyals to the establishment of a diabetes center

Press Releases | 05/10/2022

Abdullah Al Rajhi: alrajhi bank will contribute 13.5 million riyals to the establishment of a diabetes center

The center is the region's first of its kind, and it will provide 100,000 medical services per year.

His Royal Highness Prince of Al-Qassim Region, Dr. Faisal bin Misha'al bin Saud bin Abdulaziz, sponsored the signing of an agreement between alrajhi bank and Qassim Health Cluster to establish the Al-Rajhi Diabetes Center in Buraidah. The center will focus on the treatment and follow-up of type 1 diabetes patients. Mr. Waleed Al Mogbel, CEO of the bank, and Dr. Sultan Al-Shaya, CEO of Qassim Health Cluster, signed the agreement.

Mr. Abdullah Bin Sulaiman Al Rajhi stated on this occasion that this project is one of the bank's sustainable social responsibility projects that it offers and is interested in, and that the total cost will be 13.5 million riyals, which is fully guaranteed by the bank.

He added that this project serves as a model for community service through collaboration and integration between the Ministry of Health and alrajhi bank, emphasizing that the bank has not hesitated to support many projects for the benefit of the community at all levels since its inception.

Al Rajhi went on to explain that the bank's social responsibility strategy focuses on the education, health, and housing sectors because the bank's projects serve the largest segment of society and contribute to the Kingdom's 2030 vision, which seeks a prosperous future and sustainable development.

The Chairman concluded his remarks by thanking and praising His Highness the Prince of Qassim region for his appropriate sponsorship and praise for this initiative, as well as the Ministry of Health, represented by the Qassim Health Cluster, for their ongoing collaboration with the bank to present its qualitative and sustainable initiatives in the health sector.

His Excellency, Dr. Sultan Alshaya, CEO of Qassim Health Group, thanked alrajhi bank for their social efforts in adopting the establishment of the center, and Dr. Sultan Alshaya pointed out that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the countries most affected by type 1 diabetes (adults and children), as there are nearly 100,000 people with type 1 diabetes (of various ages) in the Kingdom. Saudi Arabia is also considered the seventh country in terms of the annual rate of new incidence of type 1 diabetes, according to what was published by the International Diabetes Federation.

The center's building area is 3000 square meters, and it is located on land opposite the King Fahad Specialist Hospital from the east side, and it will serve all type 1 diabetes patients in the region.

The region has 20,000 affected patients, which is expected to double in the coming years as they require accurate and integrated medical care of a special kind, reaching more than 100,000 medical services in one year, contributing to the reduction of diabetes complications and the burden on the patient and his family.

The Al-Rajhi Bank Diabetes Center is the first of its kind in the Qassim region, specializing in the care of patients with type 1 diabetes. Patients with type 1 diabetes are currently served in health centers and public hospitals, so the center will be a valuable addition to health services that meet their needs.

It is worth noting that alrajhi bank has adopted many health projects in all regions of the Kingdom at a cost of approximately 200 million riyals, most notably a donation of 70 million riyals to establish the Al Rajhi Medical Bank tower within the endowments of King Saud University, a donation of 10 million riyals to support the infertility and fertilization program at King Faisal Specialist Hospital, and a donation of 7.8 million riyals to establish the the Al-Rajhi Bank Center for Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy, and Anti-smoking within Turaif General Hospital. The bank also contributed 10 million riyals to the Al-Rajhi Bank Cardiac Catheterization Center at Al Rass General Hospital, and 6 million to purchase and equip two mobile blood vehicles with "Wareef Charity." In addition to operating the integrated clinic (Al-Rajhi Bank clinic) in the Disabled Children Association, supporting the Ministry of Health's Health Endowment Fund to provide 1,100 wheelchairs, donating an ambulance to the Taif Governorate Association of Health Diseases and Dialysis, and other health charitable projects implemented by the bank in various regions and governorates throughout the Kingdom.