Press Releases |03/03/2024

alrajhi bank and Walaa Plus Establish an Alliance

Press Releases | 03/03/2024

alrajhi bank and Walaa Plus Establish an Alliance

In a move to enhance customer rewards, alrajhi bank's "mokafaa" loyalty program has formed a partnership with Walaa Plus's "Loyalty One" program. This collaboration will allow mokafaa program members to earn five reward points for each Saudi Riyal spent when adding funds to their "Walaa One" wallet through Apple Pay or bank cards. Additionally, customers can now top up their "Walaa One" wallets using their mokafaa points.

Marking the occasion, Abdullah Al-Jabr, Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer at alrajhi bank, emphasized the bank's ongoing commitment to forging valuable partnerships that broaden customer choices. Al-Jabr expressed enthusiasm about integrating Walaa Plus into their network of partners, aiming to enrich the banking experience for their clients.

Rayan Jameel, CEO of Walaa Plus, also celebrated the partnership, highlighting Alrajhi Bank's pivotal role in the banking industry and expressing pride in joining forces with mokafaa, which is one of the largest loyalty programs in the financial sector in KSA.

The "Walaa One" platform serves as a digital conduit for businesses and brands to manage loyalty and rewards schemes, enabling customers to amass points in a single digital wallet. These points can be exchanged for exclusive perks, including special offers, discounts, and purchase vouchers, further enhancing the customer experience.