Everything you need to know about the Saudi Iqama visa

If you’re looking for information before relocating to Saudi Arabia, then you’ve come to the right place. You’ll be joining a workforce of over 70% foreigners from all over the world and there’s plenty to prepare.

All international workers must obtain an Iqama visa to live and work in the Kingdom. This guide gives you a comprehensive overview of the Saudi Iqama visa, including its purpose, eligibility, and application steps. We will also help you find the right current account and foreign currency account to make your relocation as smooth as possible

What is Iqama?

The Iqama visa is a government-issued residence permit that allows foreign nationals or expatriates to live and work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With an Iqama, an international worker will be able to gain employment, conduct banking and financial transactions, rent property, obtain a driver’s license and so much more.

The Iqama visa is valid for one year and can be renewed for a year at a time annually. Once you get an Iqama, it serves as your official identification during your stay in Saudi Arabia. All residents, including children, are required to have their own Iqama. Once a foreign worker has obtained their Iqama, it makes it easier for them to apply for visas for the rest of their family.

Different types of Iqama visas in Saudi Arabia

There are several different types of Iqama visas available, so make sure you do your research about which one suits your needs. In most cases, your employer will apply for the appropriate one when they sponsor you, so you won’t need to think about this. However, it is always good to know what other options are out there if your circumstances change in the future.

Here are some common types of Iqama visas:

✔ Labour Class Iqama: For those who hold manual labour jobs, including skilled workers in construction, maintenance and manufacturing.

✔ Professional Class Iqama: Reserved for those with professional university degrees or higher. Doctors, engineers, nurses, teachers, accountants all fall under this category.

✔ Business Iqama: For people who own, establish and run businesses or invest in businesses within Saudi Arabia.

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Now that you understand the Saudi Iqama visa, you're ready to take the next step towards your professional goals in the Kingdom. Remember, being successful relies on diligent preparation and staying mindful of the country’s regulations. Double-check requirements and stay updated on any changes every few months.

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