Family Account

Family Account

Family Account

It is a free service for all customers, the family account service allows the opening of branching accounts from the main account of the followers, through the application of Al Rajhi Bank, as well as enables the service "Family Account" to transfer, monitor, control and manage the family budget with ease and ease.

Benefits of Family Account

  1. Free service with no administrative fee
  2. Open the account immediately through alrajhi bank without needing to visit the branch.
  3. A mada card can be issued for each family member.
  4. Follow up on family expenses.
  5. Get text messages to track account operations.
  6. Managing the family budget.
  7. Promote savings and expense management methods.
  8. Setting appropriate limits for expenses.
  9. Granting access to each family member to his sub-account through alrajhi bank app
  10. Easy access to control and management of sub-accounts allocated to family members.
  11. Statement of account for all transactions.
  12. Family Account Requirements

  13. Having an existing checking account


    How can I open a sub-account?

  1. You can open a sub-account through Al Rajhi Bank App or visiting nearest ARB branch
  2. Can I open more than one sub-account for the whole family?

  3. Yes, you can add multiple sub-accounts for each dependent.
  4. Can I keep track of all family members' expenses?

  5. Yes, you can track all expenses of family members easily and easily through the alrajhi bank app.
  6. Can I issue a mada card?

  7. Yes, you can issue a mada card through self-service service.
  8. Can I print a statement of account?

  9. Yes, you can print a statement of account for any of the sub-accounts of family members through the Alrajhi Bank App.
  10. Fees

  11. The family account service is free of charge and without administrative fees.
  12. How to open an account?

  13. You can open a family account through the alrajhi bank app.