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“At Al Rajhi Bank we understand that sometimes you need that extra cash to renovate your home, pay for your kid’s university education, or give them the wedding they dream of. That’s why we have devised for you a fully Sharia compliant finance solution that can help you meet your unexpected expenses. The best part is that our team can process your financing needs in less than 30 minutes”.

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Avoid Risks, get the safe finance solution:

Get the most secure finance, Al Rajhi bank customers can obtain refinance at competitive rates, without going to unreliable financers. Avoid risks, and benefit from Al Rajhi bank solutions with the peace of mind that you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Watani Finance
  • What is Watani?
    Watani is Al Rajhi Bank’s flagship Personal Finance solution that responds to your short and long term needs at the pace that you desire. Thanks to a seamless end-to-end process, you can avail a fully Sharia compliant Personal Financing in only 30 minutes. To begin, simply visit your nearest branch. For more information, call 800 124 1222.
  • How is Watani Sharia Compliant
    Watani is based on the concept of Al Rajhi Bank buying Sharia compliant local shares and selling them to you on deferred basis at a profit (since the contract follows the concept of Musawama, the cost is not disclosed to you). Immediately afterwards, you can choose to sell the shares (at the prevailing market price) and receive the cash in your account.
  • What if I change my mind and wish to switch from Watani to Watani Advance?
    As long as you have not signed the contract, you are allowed to switch from Watani financing to Watani Advance.