Al Mubasher

Convenience plus security when it suits you most

Al Mubasher Internet Banking is our completely secure online banking service which allows you to do most of your banking anytime, anywhere. We are continually following up on our commitment to respond to your needs by embracing new technologies and ways of doing business that provides added value to all our customers. Continually improving our Al Mubasher’s online banking services is just one of the ways in which we do that.

Other Features that come with Al Mubasher Online Banking
  • Accounts, Card, Finances

    Easily access your account or credit card statements, view in-depth information about your transactions, and organize them into categories. You may also put a limit on your debit/credit card or block a credit card if need be.

  • Apply for new products

    Standing orders are a way for you to set up regular, fixed payments from Al Rajhi for the amount and time chosen by you.

  • IPO investments

    If you are Interested in investment opportunities, Al Mubasher is linked to TADAWUL (Saudi Stock Exchange) and lets you view/invest in available initial public offerings.

  • Help Center

    We have embedded our eCare system in the new Al Mubasher app so that you can get in touch with us if you ever need assistance with your banking experience.

Al Mubasher

Taking banking to a
whole new level

Explore vibrant graphics, user-friendly interfaces, and convenient navigation with our innovative banking app for mobiles & tablets.

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Benefits Silver Gold Platinum
Discount on Local bank transfer Fee - 100% 100%
Discount on Standing Order Initiation Fee - 50% 100%
Discount on Standing Order Execution - 100% 100%
Discount on International Transfer Fee - 50% 100%