“Aman Al Rajhi” is Al Rajhi Bank’s Security Token App that can be installed on any smart phone for validating and performing critical transactions and operations in Al Mubasher internet banking in a secure way. It is the most efficient method of combating cybercrimes and complies to with the online banking regulatory requirements of Saudi Arabia.

The App offers latest state of the art validation methods such as:

  • Response only method
  • Challenge and Response method
  • Instant beneficiary activation thru the App safely & securely after adding them in Al Mubasher channels.

Some of the significant features of the App are:

  • You can use finger print instead of app PIN code in login process
  • It can be installed on any smart phone iOS - Apple Store, Blackberry, Android - Google Play or Windows Phone .
  • Aman requires internet connection only during installation, activation & beneficiary activation. The other options in the App could be used without internet connection.
  • Since it resides on your mobile it can be carried around anywhere in the world
  • It’s one of the most secure methods of authentication since it uses 3 different validation methods
  • The App is protected by a personal PIN which can be configured by the user at the time of acquiring the app.
  • Onetime fee (20 SAR) covers lifetime usage of the app with unlimited downloads in case you change your device & the service is free for affluent and private customers
  • Customers don’t have to wait or worry about receiving OTP SMS for performing their online banking.

How to acquire and register for Aman Al Rajhi soft token:

  • Login
  • Type in the required fields
  • Click on register for Aman Al Rajhi
  • After assigning the serial number and activation code. Please proceed to one of Al Rajhi bank’s ATMs in order to activate the service and it will be activated instantly

In the ATM :

  • Enter PIN number for your ATM card.
  • From the main screen press “ Other operations”.
  • “Other operations” again.
  • Press “Activate Aman Al Rajhi“.
  • Check the displayed information, then press “Confirm”.

Customers who are out of the kingdom will use the activation by International ATM method by following the easy steps on the registration page.

Note: Aman Al Rajhi information will not be available at the ATM unless you complete the steps in the registration site


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