You can add Al Rajhi Bank and local banks beneficiaries through Al Mubasher and activate them via ATM or Aman Al Rajhi application.

In order to add an International Bank beneficiary for foreign funds transfer you are required to proceed to the Tahweel Al Rajhi Branch to make the first payment from there. Once the first payment is done at the branch you can make further payments online.

  • Al Rajhi Bank Beneficiary

    To activate a beneficiary you have to follow the below steps :

    • After Adding Al Rajhi Bank beneficiary in Al Mubasher you have to make an initial funds transfer to the same beneficiary through the ATM.
    • After the transaction you will be prompted to add this beneficiary to your profile. Click “yes” to add the beneficiary to internet banking as active so that you can make future transfers online.

    Please note that you can go directly to Al Rajhi Bank ATM to make the first transfer and add the beneficiary to your profile.

  • Local Bank Beneficiary
    • Add the local bank beneficiary information in Al Mubasher.
    • In the ATM go to “ Transfer > Beneficiaries “ , then select the beneficiary you wish to be activated.
    • The beneficiary will be appearing activated in Al Mubasher instantly.
  • Activate Beneficiary through Aman Al Rajhi Application

    “Aman Al Rajhi” is Al Rajhi Bank’s Security Token App that can be installed on any smart phone for validating and performing critical transactions and operations in Al Mubasher internet banking in a secure way.

    How to activate beneficiary using Aman Al Rajhi:

    • Select “Beneficiary Activation” option after adding the beneficiary thru Al Mubasher channels.
    • Insert the customer CIC Profile Number (You may find it in the account card delivered to you after opening your account with the bank or thru Al Mubasher channels using My Profile-Personal Details option) for the first time only.
    • Select the beneficiary to activate it.

    How to acquire and register for Aman Al Rajhi soft token:

    Learn more about Aman Al Rajhi application

  • Activate Beneficiary through Al Mubasher

    Once a beneficiary is successfully added, a list of how to active beneficiary will appear, click on “Call Back”:

    • An automated call will be placed to your registered mobile number with a simultaneous SMS containing a temporary password
    • Answer the call and enter the temporary password sent to your mobile

    Note: If you do not receive a Call Back from the Bank, you can make another request seven minutes after you have placed the first request.