A New Leading Step in the Customer Service Field

06 November 2016

Al Rajhi Bank introduces the fingerprint technology to print the cards for its customers

In a new advanced plan, Al Rajhi Bank introduces one of the Self Service Kiosk (ASRAA)’ series of services, which is the ability to print the ATM cards using the fingerprint technology, considering an unprecedented development in the customer service field.

Through this accomplishment, Al Rajhi Bank continues to lead in the self-banking services within the whole region and completes the march of success achieved since launching the Self Service Kiosk in 2015 for the first time. At such time, the Bank offered immediate solutions for its customers to print the bankcards, checkbooks and account statements in a record time never before offered on a single device, a matter which met success and acceptance that reflected positively on the customers' satisfaction.

The new service allows the customers to print new ATM cards at any time and day without the need for the old one, as well as allowing the customer to choose the name he/she wants to print on the card in a process characterized by easement and high-security standards using the customer's fingerprint.

This service will encourage customers to visit the Self Service Kiosk to carry out their various banking transactions without the need to visit the branch, which means a positive transformation of the banking transactions to the electronic channels in order to provide a better mechanism raising the quality and efficiency of the services provided to the customers.

The new service of printing the cards using the fingerprint technology will be available on the Self Service Kiosk located across the Kingdom, as it is expected to launch the service in 100 branches before the end of this year.

It is worth mentioning that Al Rajhi Bank received the Best Technological Innovation Award at the 2016 Cards and Payments Conference and Exhibition held in Dubai this year. This award recognizes the Bank's outstanding efforts in innovating the Self Service Kiosk (ASRAA), which is one-of-a-kind customer service platforms all over the world.

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