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Open a Future Account

The Future Account is a saving plan account in accordance with Islamic Sharia in which the customer sets a monthly amount automatically deducted from the customer's current account, and the system calculates the expected profits based on the savings period.

Benefits and Features:

Automatic savings where monthly payments are deducted on specified dates by the customer.

Competitive profit rates

Fully digitalized account that is opened and managed through the Al Rajhi Bank app.

Achieving savings goals with the flexibility of setting duration, amount of deduction and obtaining expected profits in accordance with Islamic Sharia.

The possibility of creating or cancelling saving accounts at any time without fees.

If the amount is not available in the account on the date of the monthly payment deduction, the customer can add a balance to the future savings account at a later date.

Payments are transferred monthly from the current account to the future account until the goal amount is reached.



Illustrative Examples:

Saving Type

Monthly deduction



Value of expected profit by end of period

Total savings plus expected profit

Short term


12 Months




Long term


36 Months




Long term


60 Months




AER: is an Annual Equivalent Rate, is a figure which shows what the profit rate on an account would be if profit was paid for a full year and compounded.

*AER may differ depending on the period different form the above example. which is changeable and non-fixed return that is regularly announced to customers on the bank's eChannel’s.


Required Documents If applied /Eligibility and Criteria:

Existing current account with Al Rajhi bank

Approve the Terms & Condition


How to apply: 

You can easily join via Al Rajhi App



No Fees in creating/cancelling the account

Frequently Asked Questions:
Current Account

  • What is the minimum and maximum subscription to the future account?


    Minimum Monthly Deposit in SAR

    Maximum Monthly Deposit in SAR

    Minimum Subscription in Months

    Maximum Subscription in Months

    Short Term





    Long Term





  • Is the amount deducted a financial obligation when requesting bank loans?
    The future account is a savings account and it is not considered a type of financial obligation.
  • Who is eligible to open Future Account?
    All bank customers Saudi and non-Saudis who have active current account over the age of 18.
  • Withdrawal from Future Account?
    You can only withdraw from your future account by cancelling the account
  • Are there fees in opening or cancelling the future account?
    There are no fees in opening or cancelling the Future Account.
  • Does the account pay zakat on the amount in the account?
    The principal of zakat is the assets of this account as being on the lord of the money (the client in this case), but since the bank, Indeed, departs zakat from its investments; including investments (future account); The bank releases zakat from these funds when they are required.
  • What are the options for the dates specified for monthly payments?
    The customer can choose from the following calendars:26,27,28,29,30 of the month of Gregorian date.
  • Can you open more than one future account?
    The customer can open 2 future accounts per customer.
  • What is the procedure if the amount is not available in the customer's account on the date of the monthly payment deduction?
    The customer can add credit to the savings future account at a later date.
  • What happens if the monthly deduction amount is delayed?
    the customer is late in paying the agreed monthly deduction amount for more than 30 days for the short-term plan and 90 days for the long-term plan, the bank has the right to cancel the customer's plan, which is an early withdrawal from the savings plan, and determines the customer's entitlement in accordance with the provisions of early withdrawal.