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We would like to keep you posted with the new updates of the Credit Cards Products and we reiterate that Al Rajhi Bank is very keen on providing you with the best products and services that meets your needs.

We regret to inform you of the discontinuation of our Al Fursan Cards program. Therefore, the product’s terms and conditions have been updated as per the following:

The terms and conditions of Al Fursan Low Limit Credit Card have been updated as per the following:

  • The annual fee to be change from SAR 300 to SAR 115.
  • The rewarding of air miles against the card usage to be stopped. Instead, you will be rewarded with Mokafa’a points against your card usage: 2 points for each Riyal spend domestically and 3 points for each Riyal spent internationally.

Example: For a customer spending SAR 1000 in a month (SAR 700 domestic and SAR 300 international):

Miles earned via Al Fursan Card:

Dom. Spend Miles Int. Spend Miles Total Miles
100 60 160

Miles converted via Mokafa’a program:

Dom. Spend Pts. Int. Spend Pts. Total Pts. Pts. Converted to Miles
1400 900 2300 115

Please be informed that the miles earned against the card usage prior to the effective date of the updated T&C will be transferred to you Al Fursan membership in full.

Other features that come with
a Al Fursan card

  • Its Easy

    Simply transfer money to your Al Fursan Credit Card from your current account using Al Mubasher online banking.

  • 3D Secure

    More secure than cash, 3D secure uses a verification process, one time password for online shopping and EMV chip to protect your information.

  • ATM Access

    Accepted at over 30 million local & international POS including 900,000 ATM's worldwide.

+ Fees & Charges

Annual Membership Fee

SAR 115

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Cash Withdrawal "Al Rajhi ATM" SAR 75
Cash Withdrawal “Off Us” Is "off us" a real thing or is this cash withdrawals from banks other than Al Rajhi? SAR 75
Cash Withdrawal “Off Us” International SAR 75
Reissue/ Replacement Card SAR 50
Additional fee on non-Saudi Riyal (OIF) 2.75%
Wrong Chargeback SAR 50

Report a Lost or Stolen Card

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TOLL FREE WITHIN KSA+966 92000 5544

Alternatively ,Please follow steps outlined in :

Frequently Asked Questions:
Al Fursan Top Up Card
  • Will the Bank stop current Al Fursan Cards?
    No, Al Fursan cards will work until the card expiry date. New issuance of Al Fursan Cards has been stopped.
  • Will cards be renewed upon expiry?
    No, card will not be renewed. Customers will be sent an SMS to inform them about expiry of their cards and to advise them about the possibility of issuing of a new Digital card.
  • Will the cardholder be able to replace the card in case it is lost or stolen?
    No, cardholder will not be able to replace the card. Cardholder will be able to request other products like Digital Card, Travel Plus, and Tasawuq.
  • Can the cardholder still utilize his/her Al Fursan miles balance even if he/she close his/her card or even after it expires?
  • Do the cardholders have to register in Mokafa'a Program?
  • How can the cardholder convert his/her points to miles via Mokafa'a Program?
    Log into Mokafa’a Program → redeem Points → Travel World → Miles Conversion → Enter the number of point to be converted into (I WANT TO CONVERT) field → select Al Fursan from (AIRLINES) field → Verify his/her membership number that is automatically populated into (MEMBERSHIP NUMBER) field. Number of Miles converted from the entered points will be shown to the cardholder. To confirm the conversion, he/she should click the (Convert Now) button.
  • How can the cardholder register into Mokafa'a Program?
    He/she can do so via Al Mubasher or the mobile app.
  • How can the cardholder view his/her points balance?
    The cardholder can view his/her points balance by logging into Al Mubasher, the mobile app, or directly logging into Mokafa'a Program.
  • What is the earning rate?
    2 Mokafa'a points for each SAR 1 on domestic spend and 3 Mokafa'a points on SAR 1 international spend.
  • What is the effective date of the updated terms and conditions?
    May 1st.
  • What will happen to the cardholder’s Al Fursan memberships?
    Customer’s Al Fursan Memberships will remain active and they can transfer their new Mokafa'a point to Al Fursan miles.
  • When does the earned points expire?
    The earned points must be redeemed within 1 year.
  • Where can I use AlFursan Card from Al Rajhi Bank?
    You can use AlFursan Credit Card inside or outside the KSA for your purchases.
  • Will ARB add the miles earned against the card usage on the day prior to the updated T&C effective date?
  • Will customers get normal earn rate on their card?
    No. Customers will earn best in class Mokafa'a points.
  • Will the product’s terms and conditions be updated?
    Yes, terms and conditions will be updated by replacing the article pertaining to the miles earning with Mokafa'a points. In addition, the annual fees will be reduced from SAR 300 to SAR 115.