Al Fursan Card

Travel the world with Saudi Airlines

Do you want to get free miles on Saudi Arabian Airlines when you pay through your card without the need for credit approval and no debt obligation?

Al Fursan card with its low credit limit of SR 50, is specially designed for you, whether you want to do some shopping, online purchasing or travel, Al Fursan card gives benefits more than you could imagine, and without additional conditions. In addition to the following benefits:

  • One(1) mile in Al fursan program for each SAR 7 spent using the card for purchase within the kingdom
  • One (1) mile in Al Fursan program for each SAR 5 spent using the card for purchase within the abroad or online
  • Instant and distinctive discounts when you purchase within the kingdom and abroad with many shops and hotels
  • Lowest rate for currency exchange when using the card abroad
  • Easy transfer to the card account via "Al Mubasher for Individuals" online service
  • Compatible with the provisions of Islamic law
  • “Visa Checkout” the easier pay online Service. Know More

For more information about the program or miles balance of Al Fursan please visit the website

Steps to obtain the card

  • Complete the application and submit it to any of our branches to get your card
  • You may also submit your application online on Al Mubasher Retail or through the call center 8001241222 and the card will be sent to you.
  • Fill the online application form

Required documents and terms & conditions

  • Existing bank account with Al Rajhi bank
  • National ID copy
  • Approve the Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Al Fursan Card





Other features that come with
a Tasawaq Card

  • Its Easy

    Simply transfer money to your Al Fursan Credit Card from your current account using Al Mubasher online banking.

  • 3D Secure

    More secure than cash, 3D secure uses a verification process, one time password for online shopping and EMV chip to protect your information.

  • ATM Access

    Accepted at over 30 million local & international POS including 900,000 ATM's worldwide.

+ Fees & Charges

Annual Membership Fee

SAR 300

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Cash Withdrawal "Al Rajhi ATM" SAR 75
Cash Withdrawal “Off Us” Is "off us" a real thing or is this cash withdrawals from banks other than Al Rajhi? SAR 75
Cash Withdrawal “Off Us” International SAR 75
Reissue/ Replacement Card SAR 50
Additional fee on non-Saudi Riyal (OIF) 2.75%
Wrong Chargeback SAR 50

Report a Lost or Stolen Card

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TOLL FREE WITHIN KSA+966 92000 5544

Alternatively ,Please follow steps outlined in :

Frequently Asked Questions:
Al Fursan Top Up Card
  • Where can I use AlFursan Card from Al Rajhi Bank?
    You can use AlFursan Credit Card inside or outside the KSA for your purchases.
  • I do not have AlFursan Card, how can I apply to have one?
    You can apply for AlFursan Credit Card by visiting the branch or throughAl Mubasher.
  • Do I have to transfer my salary to ARB to have AlFursan Card issued?
    No,all you need is a current account at ARB and apply for AlFursan Credit Card.
  • What is the credit limit of AlFursan Card?
    AlFursan Credit Card is a low-balance credit card with a pre-credit limit of SAR 50,where you can increase Al Mubasher limit and your credit card balance by transferring from your current account to your card account.
  • What is the mechanism for calculating AlFursan Card miles from ARB?
    The customer receives(1) free air milein Al Fursan program for every SAR 5 spent using the card through POS purchases or online purchases.
  • Is it possible to use AlFursan Card internationally outside the KSA in purchases and cash withdrawals?
    Yes,the card can be used inside and outside the KSA in cash withdrawals and purchases.
  • Where can I verify the miles balance?
    The miles balance can be verified through the personal account at the AlFursan website.