Value Drivers: 2020 at a Glance

Customer deposits

SAR 383 Bn.

2019 – SAR 312 Bn.

Increase: 22%

Total mortgages

SAR 104 Bn.

2019 – SAR 55 Bn.

Increase: 90%

Total assets

2020 SAR 469 Bn.

2019 – SAR 384 Bn.

Increase: 22%

Retail financing

2020 – 38.7%

market share

2019 – 35.3%

Digital:Manual ratio

2020 – 83:17

2019 – 67:33

First to market in digital banking:

Signing of mortgage contracts online

End-to-end online application for car insurance

End-to-end online opening of current account for retail and SME customers

Addition of beneficiary via mobile number

Addition of beneficiary via QR code

Digital promissory note (SANAD)

(Refer Digital footprint and transformation on page 83)

Active digital users


7.9 Mn.

2019 – 5.7 Mn.

Increase: 39%

Earnings per share


SAR 4.24

2019 – SAR 4.06

Increase: 4%

Total capital adequacy ratio



2019 – 19.9%

Total loans integrated for ESG factors



Net income (after Zakat)


SAR 10,596 Mn.

2019 – SAR 10,159 Mn.

Increase: 4%

(versus decrease in sector’s aggregate of 23% YoY)

Staff strength

2020 – 9,380

2019 – 9,683

Employee volunteering hours

2020 – 13,125

2019 – 16,265

Saudisation rate

2020 – 97.1%

2019 – 96.6%

International standards

ISO 22301:2019 certified Business Continuity Management System

ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System of Tahweel

ISO/DIS 37301:2020 certification in Compliance

ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System in Money Transfers


Award Winner of the International Business Magazine June 2020 for Best Omni Channel Remittance Provider in KSA

Winner of Financial Awards of International Finance April 2020 for Fastest Growing Omni Channel Platform in KSA

Winner of the 2020 Finnovex Award for Excellence in Digital Banking

Winner of the Paytech Award for Best Consumer Payments Initiative – Tahweel Al Rajhi – International and Domestic Remittances and Payments

Winner of the Paytech Award for Best Cross Border Payments Solution – Tahweel Al Rajhi – Cross Border Remittances and Payments

Winner of the Global Business Outlook Award 2020 – Tahweel Al Rajhi – Fastest Growing Money


  • One of the largest Islamic banks in the world

    by assets and market capitalisation

  • No.1 retail bank in the Middle East

    in retail deposits and income

  • No.1 Distribution network in the Middle East

    by number of branches, POS, ATMs and remittance centres

  • No.1 in banking transactions in KSA

    (representing four out of ten transactions)

  • No.1 bank brand in KSA

    with a Brand Strength Index score of 84.7% (Brand Finance)

  • Largest customer base in KSA

    with over ten million customers

  • High net promoter score in KSA

  • 1 Mn. current accounts opened

    via mobile banking app

  • First SME and Corporate Banking mobile banking app


  • Highest rating for Best Fintech and Banking app in KSA

    in the IOS App store


Intellectual capital

The Bank’s intellectual capital is what sets it apart from the competition and impacts its total market value. This capital encompasses intangibles that provide the Bank with a competitive advantage, future readiness, and the ability to meet stakeholder expectations. It comprises the Bank’s integrity and business ethics, corporate culture, systems and processes, intellectual property, capacity to innovate, accumulated knowledge and expertise, brands, and relationships etc., which are not reflected on the balance sheet. (Refer Stakeholders on page 32 for descriptions of other capitals.)

Identifying the most valuable brands in the region, the inaugural BrandZ™ Top 30 Most Valuable Emirati and Saudi Brands 2020 ranking saw Al Rajhi Bank at No. 3 out of the 13 banking brands within the Top 30. The Bank maintained its top spot in the 2020 YouGov NextGen rankings in Saudi Arabia, remaining the most positively talked about brand amongst young adults in Saudi Arabia. The Bank embarked on its digital marketing journey in 2015 and, today, has one of the largest groups of social media followers of any Bank within the Kingdom.

GRI 102-7